Welcome to the Apostles of Peace Clan Site!

Leaders: Moonlight, Syrus, Doel, Sydd, Charlotte 

Alignment: True Neutral

Mission: Help teach the healers, staters, and rpers how to play Hollow and to provide each group with fun and interesting events.

Requirements To Join: When you find us you will find out…

Throughout the history of Hollow, there has been war and chaos. Battles over religion, territory, and power, have been a scourge upon the land. This death and destruction, forged by both the good and evil forces alike, was always combated by their respected reciprocal. The forces of good and evil did not always fight alone however. Teamed with each defending force were those who claimed to fight for peace and balance over the land. After the fighting was complete, they would stabilize the wounded and then vanish into the shadows of time as though they were but figments of a historian’s imagination. Without name or face, these defenders rode under banners of kings and clans alike, acting in every major conflict as well as behind the veil of shadow and death. It is with these diverse skills and traits that the idea, neigh, the belief in peace was defended. Now, this dispersed group of individuals is grouping together under one banner and one cause… to keep Hollow at peace. Apostles of Peace are what they call themselves, and that is all that is known about them, beyond their goal of keeping the balance in the land. Magical masks are always donned when they act on behalf of their order, and due to the incantation upon them, all physical, magical, and mental traits are altered when being viewed by a non-member. It is even rumored that the very aroma from a creature is altered, throwing off even the best of hunters. Armed with powers and knowledge of ages past, these hidden saviors remain anonymous to all, but their fellow members.

True Neutral is defined as the idea that there is but balance in the world. Traditional ’good’ and ’evil’ is but a meaningless prefix that might hint upon the way an act might be done rather than the effect the act truly has upon the world itself. It is simply put that Good forces are just as toxic to society if overpowered as the forces of Evil. This way of thinking is shared by all members and though their reasoning for acting is as diverse as their professions, their effect upon the grand scheme of things is unified.

There have been rumors about this organization, stating that to become a member you must drink the blood of a pure soul, while others say that only after you die can you come back as a disciple. The most common word on the entry into this hidden organization is that, during the darkest hour, if a creature of peaceful thought is found upon the Hill of Peace, a member of the clan will appear before you, and offer you the opportunity to prove yourself worthy.